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Step Deck Dispatching Services

Dispatch Street is one of America’s leading truck dispatching companies that specializes in delivering the best services. The specific trucks we specialize in include step-deck trucks, among the many different types of trucks. 

We offer comprehensive services that enable us to meet the precise requirements of step deck freight and help us guarantee that our clients’ goods are transported promptly and securely.

Advantages of Using Step Decks

Step deck trucks or drop deck trailers are useful for shipping cargo that will not fit the dimensions of normal flatbeds. Here are some key benefits of step decks:

Versatility: Materials transportable in the step deck trailers include machinery, vehicles, and construction-related materials. Due to the lower deck height, they can accommodate taller cargoes without the need for special permits.

Increased Load Capacity: Step decks have loaded sections as well, which increases loading space and makes for an efficient choice because of their transportation capacity.

Ease of Loading and Unloading: Because of their design, step deck trailers allow you to easily load the cargo and speed up the process. Moreover, the unloading process is also easy and reduces the chance of damage to the consignments.

Cost-effective: The use of step decks assists in cutting down on shipping costs as there is no need to get a separate permit while transferring the freight.

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Why is Dispatch Street Home to the Best Step Deck Drivers?

Here at Dispatch Street, we have reliable step deck drivers that are experienced as well as professional. Here’s why our drivers stand out:

Extensive Training: We train our drivers on various programs that help them deal with different kinds of freight. It is why they know the general and specific features of step deck logistics dispatching.

Safety First: What people care about most is safety. Our drivers are skilled and very cautious when on the road and they deliver your goods safely and without any damage.

Commitment to Excellence: We have highly motivated dispatchers who strive to be responsive to the clients’ needs. We ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with every delivery we provide.

What Makes Us Your Top Choice?

Dispatch Street offers excellent services when it comes to the dispatch of step deck freight. Here’s how we ensure excellence:

Advanced Technology: We use advanced dispatching technology to optimize the usage of resources, locate the shipment and update the clients.

24/7 Support: Customers can call anytime they have inquiries or issues. We believe it is important to provide efficient help with whatever you may require from us at any time.

Tailored Solutions: We know that every shipment, whether internal or in transit, is different. It is why we consider all the dispatch needs of a client so that we can come up with a tailored solution for dispatch.